Car Detailing doesn’t have to be Expensive

Taking your car in to be detailed can be a costly expense, but you don’t want to devalue your car by letting the interior carpets and seats build up with food particles, dirty, and road grime. Whether you are a car enthusiast or simply a weekend warrior, having a clean detailed car doesn’t have to be expensive. Below are some tips for you to do in order to have that new car interior look and feel without breaking the bank.


Supplies Needed for Detailed Interior Cleaning

You may think that you need a lot of fancy equipment, or specialized cleaners in order to thoroughly clean your car’s interior. Not so. What you will need are basic cleaners such as 409, carpet cleaner, or a household grease cutting cleaner like you would use in the kitchen, a spray bottle, Shop Vac., gloves, a stiff brush to clean carpets, a very soft bristled scrub brush (brushes with handles works best), a good quality leather cleaner if you have leather interiors, and a few soft towels. Make sure that whatever leather cleaner you choose also contains leather conditioner, to help prevent drying and cracking of your leather surfaces.

Prepare to Commence Cleaning

Now that you know what you need, what do you do with them? First prepare your cleaning supplies and surfaces by removing any trash, floor mats, media or USB cables, car seats, etc., then mix household cleaners to a 50/50 mix in the spray bottle. If using carpet cleaner this step is not necessary. After all of the clutter has been removed, perform a deep vacuum of seats, floors, and any door or seat pouches to remove crumbs and larger debris.


Cleaning Floors

Now that all of your supplies and surfaces are prepared, take your carpet cleaner or diluted household cleaner and spray carpets. Don’t saturate them just cover them enough to provide a good scrubbing, then using your heavy scrub brush scrub cleaner into carpet fibers to release any ground in dirt paying special attention to grease and grime spots. You may have to use a little extra cleaner and elbow grease to remove deeply ground in spots. Once you’ve sufficiently scrubbed all carpet surfaces, take your Shop Vac and deep vacuum your carpet again to remove any dislodged dirt and suck up excess cleaners. It’s best to do this process in quadrants so that dirt particles do not settle back in as you clean other areas.

Cleaning Seats, Door Panels, and Dashboards

For fabric seats you will follow the same instructions as you did for the carpets. If you have leather interiors, you will want to switch over to your very soft bristle brush and leather cleaner; simply put a little leather cleaner on your brush and work it into all of your leather surfaces making sure to get deep into the seams and cracks. Then using a soft cloth remove the leather cleaner completely. You can also use your soft brush for areas around control buttons, and windows in order to get any dust or crumbs that may have fallen into these cracks over time.

Having a clean car interior and maintaining the esthetic value of your car doesn’t have to be an expensive, or time consuming chore. Simply follow these easy to follow instructions when you see your interiors becoming dirty and you will have that new car look for as long as you own your car.