Car Safety Innovations

Innovations to keep you safe while driving

The Consumer Electronics Association has developed a video to education you on the current car safety innovations available to consumers to ensure safe interactions while behind the wheel. Some of these features come standard with your vehicle or are downloaded onto your smart phone, most of the apps developed for safe driving are free.


Most new vehicles are now equipped with devices such as blind spot indicators, back-up cameras, and wireless headsets made possible with Bluetooth technology. For those who own older model vehicles where these features may not be standard there is after market technology that will provide essentially the same features. The ways to interact with your car are constantly evolving and new technological features are being introduced allowing you to stay focused while operating a motor vehicle on the road.

When you think of car safety, smart phones are probably not the first thing to come to mind. But ironically, your phone has access to numerous innovative applications or apps to keep you safe while driving. One of those applications is voice control technology. This technology allows you to give commands to your phone, like “call Mom”, leaving you to use your device hands-free and keeping you focused on your driving.


Safe driving comes with its benefits, some insurance companies offer incentives to drivers for good driving records.  Not to mention that using a hand-held device while driving is becoming illegal across North America; all good reasons to get behind technological advances that provide for a safe driving experience.

To keep from using your cell phone while driving, you can install a device in your vehicle to physically lock up your phone while the vehicle is in operation. This is most common with parents who have teenage children operating their cars. Cell phone providers may also offer a do not disturb service to its clients which can be activated while driving so text messages and phone calls will not distract you until you reach your destination.

Monitoring devices which can track your vehicles performance, mileage, even let you set travel boundaries when someone else is using your vehicle are also great ways to use technology to your benefit.


Although there are different technologically focused assistive devices for use while driving remember that safety ultimately begins with you. Stay focused while behind the wheel and drive safe.