Easy Car Battery Maintenance

1Today I’m going to be showing you how to maintenance your cars battery. Before we get started we will need to get a few tools. You’ll need wrenches, pliers, and sockets. Tools will vary per vehicle. Let’s go over a few safety issues before we begin. Batteries contain acid and can be very dangerous so eye protection should always be worn. Gloves are also a good idea and always remember to remove any dangling jewelry or rings that you have on before you maintenance a battery. Remember to always use caution when working around batteries.

2Once we have taken safety precautions we need make sure the ignition switch on the car is turned off and the car is firmly in park. Now check the battery by looking for any interference around it, when removing and replacing the cables we want to be sure not to disturb any other items in the car. Next orient the cables by marking which one is 3negative and which is positive so we place the new battery correctly. Grab a wrench of the correct size to remove the terminals and some pliers to gently nudge them off. It’s important to remember to remove the negative cable first and reinstall it last. Once the terminal is removed be sure to inspect it for any corrosion, be sure its physical integrity is intact. Keep the cable away from the battery once removed. Next remove the positive cable following the same steps as the negative.

4Now you need to remove the battery hold down. Get a 10mm socket and some lubrication because these bolts and nuts can be tight and hard to get out. Generally a battery is only replaced once every 3-4 years in a car so they can seize up and corrode over that time. Make sure you hang onto any parts that might fall as you are removing them so they don’t drop onto a part of your car you can’t reach. Once you have removed the hold down, you can then lift the battery up out of the car. They can be heavy so be ready to use some strength. You can use a battery wrench or your hands and make sure you move your old battery away from your work area to prevent you from tripping over it.

5Double check your battery terminals to make sure they are in good condition then inspect your battery tray for any acid leakage, make sure it’s firmly in place. Place your new battery in the correct direction so positive meets positive and negative meets negative. Reinstall your battery hold down next making sure everything is lining back up the way it was with your old battery. If you’ve got battery terminal protectors then you put those on next. They are great for protecting your battery cables from corrosion. Now we can install the 6positive cable making sure that the cable is as far down as possible. Once that’s in place we can reinstall the negative cable which is always the last to be reinstalled. Again making sure the battery post is protruding slightly and the cable is as far down as possible. Now you can test out your handy work to make sure it works then you’ll be ready to go for a drive.