Keeping Your Tire Pressure Monitoring Valve Stems Serviced

image2Keeping up with your car maintenance is always important, especially when you rely on one vehicle for necessary travel every day. Having your car break down is not something you want happening while in transit. Although a tire pressure monitoring system is not something that seems super important, it actually is. No it’s not going to stop your vehicles from running, but it will have an effect on your driving. It’s important to have your tire pressure monitoring system serviced whenever you have new tires installed, a second set of wheels installed, or when you have your tires removed from the wheel for other services.image1 Do you have a vehicle that was made in 2008 and up? If you answered yes to that question then your vehicle has an on board tire pressure monitoring system. This is great because you don’t need to remember to check the pressure in your tires before you drive somewhere. Maybe your tires seem off while driving but you have to wait until they are cool to check the pressure accurately. A tire pressure monitoring system is so intuitive and convenient because you’re always informed on your tire pressure. This system is designed to notify the driver of a vehicle if one or more of the tires on the vehicle are underinflated.

image3If you’re unsure if your vehicle has a tire pressure monitoring system, start the engine and watch for the dashboard light. If the light shows up then your vehicle has this newer safety system which was made mandatory in the US on all 2008 and newer vehicles. This system may also be on your vehicle if it was made previous to 2008 and it weighs less than 10,000 lbs., so check in to see what you’re working with. All vehicles consist of many different parts and components and just like all those pieces, the tire pressure monitoring system has replaceable components that must be serviced also. Most vehicles with a tire pressure monitoring system have sensors attached to the back of the valve stem that measure the pressure of your tire and send the information to the dashboard computer in the vehicle. If you’re wondering why these components might need to be replaced then I’ll let you know right now. The valve sensor needs to be replaced for the same reason that every time the tire is serviced or replaced, your rubber valve stems needs to be replaced. The components on the tire pressure sensor and valve stems have to be replaced because rubber is not invincible and it deteriorates over time. When the rubber on your valve stem sensor is deteriorating it can lead to air leaking out of your tire. You don’t drive through a rain storm when your windshield wipers are falling apart and worn, do you? The next time you go get your tires replaced, make sure the auto shop is replacing the wearable components as well. Keeping your tire pressure at the right pressure is important to get the most gas mileage from your fuel tank and keep your tires lasting longer. Don’t neglect the tire pressure monitoring system in your car and keep your car in good condition so it stays reliable for you and your passengers.image4