Washing and detailing Your car

Instead of washing your car in a service station, you can easily do it on your own. This practice will help you to save money and also give complete satisfaction. You can pay more attention to every part of your car and clean it with utmost care. You cannot expect that when you take the car to a service station. Therefore it is better to do it yourself. Actually, washing a car is not a big deal. Many people think they cannot do it properly at their home. But it is possible if they know the right methods to do that.

Simple steps to follow

First of all, you should make sure that your car is not directly exposed to sunlight while cleaning. It is because the sunlight will quickly dry the soap or water hence splotches will be formed on the paint. Before start washing, you have to collect everything which is needed.

Fill water in a bucket and add some amount of car wash soap in it. You should add the right amount as it is instructed in the bottle. This is the one thing that everyone has to make sure. Additionally you should take another bucket of water. Once you are ready with the needed things, you have to make sure that all the windows are closed properly.

Use a jet to loosen the dirt present over the paint. But make sure that you are not using a strong jet because it can starch the paint. Therefore you should prefer a slow speed jet and aim it properly. It is better to aim the jet downwards when you are cleaning the surfaces. In case of cleaning the windows, you should aim it upwards so that the water will not dribble into the interior.

You have to pull the wipers from the windshield and make sure that they have been pulled up to propped position. If you do not bring them to the exact position, they may fall down on the windshield and crack it. Therefore you should be very conscious about on this case.

Take a sponge and soak it in the soap water and apply it to clean the dirt. Some of the car owners will use brush for washing but it will scratches the paint easily. As you use the sponge, it will get the dirt on the surface therefore you have to sink it often in the plain water. Once you are done with the surface, you should clean the tires. They will have too much of dirt, therefore you can use brush to clean them. After washing all the parts, you can use a dry towel and wipe the car completely.

By following these steps you can easily clean your car at home. But if the car is very dirty then it is better to take it to the service station for cleaning. It is because you will have to put much effort to eliminate all those dirt. But the professionals will have the proper equipments to clean the car so they can wash the car easily.