Washing Your Car

1Having a clean car can give you the feeling of being calm and peaceful while you’re driving it. Today we will talk about what it takes to clean your car and how you can do a great job on your own. Some of the things you’re going to need to get started here are will be a nice wool mitt that you can buy at any auto parts place, some nice heavy rubber gloves and two buckets. Not one, two, because we are going to use one bucket for doing the tires and the rims and they have stronger chemicals so you’re not going to want to use that on the body of the car. Get a tire brush and some heavy detergent, a basic detergent like 409 or fantastic, that’s’ all you really need to use.  For the car wash, you can buy it in big volumes at any auto parts place. It’s best to use any foaming kind of car wash. Do not use kitchen detergent. It’s is terrible for the wax on the car. So get yourself another bucket with another mitt to do the body of the car and we can now get started.

2You’ll need a hose with a good spraying nozzle. Put on some gloves and add your car wash to the bucket. Throw in your mitt and spray until the bucket is about half full and you have some suds. Make sure all your windows and doors are closed and using your hose, soak the car down with some water. Make sure you get inside the rims, underneath the wheel wells, everywhere. Get your mitt soaked with suds and don’t put your hand in it, that way you can keep flipping it and use both sides. Start washing your car a section at a time. It doesn’t matter if you go in circles or back and forth, just make sure you don’t miss any spots from top to bottom. Clean the windows, all the chrome, behind the handl, behind the mirrors and everything on a basic wash. Even pull your wiper blades up and get everything clean under there as well. One you’ve finished this you can grab your hose and rinse the car by spraying it with your nozzle attachment. You can even invest in a pressure washer which can make the job a lot easier if you want. When using your regular nozzle use the cone setting to rinse all over and use a more precise setting for places like behind the mirrors and wiper blades. Always start at the top and work down.

3So we’ve washed the body of the car and now we are going to go to the tires and the rims. Put about 8oz of strong detergent in your bucket with your mitt and your tire brush then fill it about half way up with water, to get the suds again. Wet down your tire with your hose then spray some full strength cleaner on the black part of the tire first and then inside the rims. It’s best to go around and spray all of your rims so the detergent has some time to break down some of the dirt and it’s ready to clean by the time you get back to the first one you sprayed.  If you have an open wheel get a spoke brush 4which will help clean those areas more effectively. Get your wash mitt, and scrub down your tire making sure to get inside the rims and inside the lug nut area too. If you have white walls on your tire then you’ll need to scrub a little harder in that area.  Also give a quick swipe around the inside of your wheel well when you’re done scrubbing the tire. It’s now ready to be rinsed so use your nozzle and rinse it thoroughly. Don’t miss any areas because this soap is strong so you want it all off. Again a pressure washer does this very well but isn’t necessary. Do this with all of your tires and your car will be sparkling clean.