Washing Your Motorcycle

With any vehicle you use, you need to make sure that you properly clean it. There’s nothing like having a fine vehicle that has an extra spark to it to make it look that much greater. A motorcycle has some serious detail on it that needs to be cleaned properly so that it’s much more functional. We will break down how to properly clean your vehicle so you can give it that extra spunk needed to stand out from your typical crowd. Here are some ways to wash your motorcycle.


Make Sure You Spray the Areas Thoroughly

One of the key elements of cleaning your motorcycle is by using the right spray. Typically, a 409 is perfect to clean because it’s diluted 50-50. Shake it up a little bit and spray the areas such as: chrome areas, the under-carriage, oil filters and even around the motor. This initial spray down will make it a lot easier to clean from the jump. Also, it gives you a chance to let it soak in a bit so you can get all the major grease marks or tough stains out. You’ll be able to cover more ground at the start, and it saves you a lot of trouble when you do begin the cleaning process.


 Safety Precautions Before You Begin Cleaning

Obviously, you need to make sure that your bike is completely off before you begin. Additionally, make sure the kick stand is down. Motorcycles tend to move, and this will help keep things in place while you get through the cleaning process. Motorcycles are pretty heavy, so you don’t want to cause your vehicle to fall because you can’t hold onto when it’s not secure. Please be sure that you have it properly stopped so you can efficiently clean the vehicle.

Steps to Clean Your Motorcycle


Take a good sponge or wash mitt and drain some of the suds out because you won’t need too much due to the spray already on the bike. Clean all of the chrome first because you want that nice shine to set in.

If you’re using a mitt, the best way to handle it is by putting your hand outside of the mitt. Why? Well, you really get a good handle on it and can scrub all the tight crevices of the bike. Get all of the seats, around the lights. While you shouldn’t worry about the electrical stuff, just be a bit careful when cleaning around that area. Motorcycles are more waterproof these days, but still exercise a little caution when cleaning the more sensitive areas. The wheels are another interesting part because the disk brakes are near. Just take your rag and clean all around it to get all of the grime away. When you are cleaning the white walls of your tires, put some fresh detergent spray directly on your mitt. You need that extra boost to ensure that this part gets as clean as possible. End the cleaning by rinsing everything off.