Why You Should Keep Properly Inflated Tires for Your Gas Mileage?

It’s important you keep your tires in good working order because bad inflation can cause your car to exert more energy. When you use more fuel, you’ll have a much higher gas bill because the tires will literally have to fight with the road surface. This is certainly counterproductive and eats away into your money. Not only that, it’s a safety hazard to you and the people on the road. You become a liability and that’s an easy way to ensure that you get into an unintended accident. Here are some ways to keep your tires inflated and why this makes an impact on your livelihood.


Gaining Better Mileage with Properly Inflated Tires

It’s been said that most cars are inflated to around 80-85 percent of their capacity. Of course, this means that most cars aren’t getting the proper pressure needed to perform well. As a result, there’s more pressure in the tires to perform at a higher rate. This doesn’t bode well for the overall health of your car. Inflating the tires to the proper pressure will help improve the mileage by a few percent. Remember, that your tires are operated on pound per square inch (PSI) and leaving them under their proper inflation will decrease mileage by nearly half a percent for every one PSI drop in pressure. It’s even more so when all four tires are affected.

Rise in Fuel Costs and Emissions Due to Poor Tire Inflation


This is one of the main reasons you should even consider getting your tires checked out. You should realize that if you drive at least over 12,000 miles per year on under-inflated tires, you actually need about 144 extra gallons of gas. Depending on gas inflation, this could cost you an extra $300 to $600 a year. Some of that money would otherwise go toward a bill or your savings, so it does count. Not to mention, those extra gallons you use end up in the atmosphere. Cars emit carbon dioxide so the more it’s emitted in the air, the more these harmful fumes are absorbed in our natural oxygen. These greenhouse gases clearly affect our health as well as the environment. Not only do you want to save your money by keeping sound tires, but you want to also improve the environment’s health. It all goes together in a particular manner.

Properly Inflated Tires Give You More Safety


It’s not rocket science that a bad tire causes accidents. When you have a soft tire, it’s much easier to get a flat when your out and about on the road. This is worse when you’re on the highway and you have vehicles in front, on the side, and the back of you. You need to be aware of what’s going on with your tires. This is especially the case when you’re going at highway speeds after it’s rained. Please keep this in mind before you get out there on the road. You need to keep your tires in great working order for yourself and everyone on the road.